by DHD Surf

It has been a rollercoaster of a year for DH, with the closing down of BASE, there was one big question on many surfers lips, is this the end of DHD surfboards? Thankfully not, we catch up with DH for a quick Q&A session on BASE, the past decade and the next.

Q: Ok DH, what happened with BASE?

A: Yeah there is a fair bit of wrong information out there regarding the closure of BASE. The reality of it is it was a great decade for surfboards and BASE had a lot to do with it. Unfortunately we made a lot of mistakes in the first five years of BASE and in the end it cost us.

You know in the early days we thought we had to do it all, blank blowing, shaping machines, we had too many brands and there was no one else doing what we did so we were swimming in the deep end so to speak. It was hard work but a heap of fun, I got to work with my mates trying something new and we learnt heaps.

In the last five years we really got it, the boards were great in design and quality. We had a great crew of guys making our boards and the teamriders and surfers around the globe were loving our boards. Things were really starting to look up for us and we had come a long way. Unfortunately the GFC and past mistakes caught up with us and the show was over.

It is disappointing to see it finish, I myself as a shaper witnessed the impact BASE had on surfboard design, the quality and as a group we just all kept pushing each other. What really impressed me was the crew, when times got tough everyone refused to give in and we worked as a group to try and save it.

Q: So what is the go with DHD, now that BASE is finished?

A: Well I am just focusing on what I do best, designing surfboards. You can’t sit around and dwell on the past, I drew a line in the sand with the crew and I said, one side is BASE that is finished. On the other side is the future, what are we going to make of it? Everyone jumped back on board and we are all just focusing on keeping it simple and making sure we keep producing the best surfboards out there. I still have the same crew making my boards with me and they are all just as stoked, we are taking everything we learnt at BASE and moving forward.

Q: Are all the team still with you?

A: Yep all the team are still with me, in fact I have been busy in the bay working on all the boards for next year. The team were great through it all, they never turned their back and are really stoked that I can still make their boards.

Q: 10 years of BASE, what do you take away from that?

A: Like everything in life you learn from your triumphs and you learn from your mistakes. It was a great experience and it really moved surfboard design and manufacturing forward in a big way. So as a team we are taking that away with us. It is a tight group and we have all been through the good and the bad together, so we are just going to keep moving forward together and focus on what we know works.

Q: So looking forward, what is in stall for DHD?

A: Well there is never a dull moment that’s for sure. This coming year I just wan’t to focus on working with my team, try and get a title under our belt. Maintaining quality and making sure we all keep enjoying our passion for surfboards, from the shaper, to the sander and right through to the guy selling the board. My new smiley logo is on deck for 2012 and I suppose that sums it up, keep being stoked, keep smiling and surfing.