DHD Hawaiian Team 2015

DHD Hawaiian Team 2015

by Ryan

We are proud to announce legendary Hawaiian surfer Kala Alexander @kala_dacaptain to join the DHD Surf Team for 2015. Also our returning riders Eli Olson @eli_olson, Ulu Boi @uluboi, Granger Larsen @grangerlarsen and Elijah Fox @Elijah_Fox. With a backyard of Pipeline, Sunset and Waimea to play with they have emerged as some of Hawaii’s best surfers. Without a doubt surfing the best waves in the world.

Kala is one of the most legendary big-wave surfers and waterman from the Hawaiian Islands and has taken our DHD Hawaiian team riders under his wing. He has been a huge part of the Hawaiian surfing community and currently the vice president of Mauli Ola Foundation. Other than a busy schedule there is no lack of focus on his training to prepare to take on the biggest swells surfed around the globe.

Instagram @kala_dacaptain

Kala Alexander - Pipeline


Granger Larsen coming from the Island of Maui just missed out on joining the world tour for the past few seasons. He has been extremely close to qualifying and with no doubt will be surfing the highest level to come. He will be competing in all the WQS events in Australia this 2015.

Instagram @grangerlarsen

Granger Larsen Quiver 2014
Granger Larsen - Photo Dooma
Granger Larsen - Photo Dooma

Photo – Dooma


Eli Olson is an amazing all round surfer who has been a huge asset to the DHD team.
We are looking for some big things coming from him with his 2015 season.

Instagram @eli_olson

Eli Olson - Photo Tony Heff

Photo – Tony Heff

Eli Olson at Teahupoo - Photo Domenic Mosqueira

Photo – Domenic Mosqueira


Ulu Boi ( Ulualoha Napeahi ) is a junior Hawaiian surfer and will be in competing Australia for the WQS events this 2015. He has an amazing story to watch of surfing and growing up in Hawaii.

Instagram @uluboi

Ulu Boi ( Ulualoha Napeahi ) - Photo Mana

Photo – Mana

Ulu Boi ( Ulualoha Napeahi ) - Photo Stevee Obra

Photo – Stevee Obra


Elijah Fox
Instagram @Elijah_Fox

Elijah Fox
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