Introducing MF EVOLVE

Introducing MF EVOLVE

by DHD Surf

Everyone at Darren Handley Designs is proud to unveil a new logo and revolutionary web-platform that will change the way in which surfers can customize their surfboards.

Based off of Darren’s signature used when shaping a new board, our new logo is the symbol of the natural progression of performance in the DHD brand.

“Surfing is getting more professional and increasing becoming a high performance industry. In order to evolve I’ve had to change my business as well as my approach to board to development, and the new logo reflects this. It is a sign of approval, perfection, and performance.” -Darren Handley

As well as our new logo, we are so excited to reveal the “MF EVOLVE“, a completely new way to design and order your custom surfboard. You have the ability to truly design a unique board using Mick’s signature accessories, and sprays.

We’ve bought back a couple of classic MF sprays for the EVOLVE, so if you missed them the first time now’s your chance.

“With a revamped logo and brand image we intend on creating a new outlook on high-performance surfboard customization. MF Evolve is a tool that everyone can use to design boards, add colour, change the fins and personalize their own board. It’s a progression of where we feel the surf industry is headed and we intend on being at the forefront of this innovation.” -Darren Handley