Introducing the Double Shot the ultimate small wave preformer

Introducing the Double Shot the ultimate small wave preformer

by DHD Surf

The double shot was created due to the increasing demand for a board that enables surfers to shred in smaller, sloppier conditions and have fun doing it. The wider nose and tail, combined with a super fast, flat rocker allows you to charge through dead sections and maintain drive in waves lacking power.

Adding to the Double Shot’s arsenal is a single to deep double concave with a slight vee out the tail. This concave design, which is found in many of DH’s small wave models, creates the increased drive and smoother rail to rail transitions needed to put life into small gutless waves. The medium boxy rail also compliments this model’s ability to perform in smaller waves, allowing forgiveness and creating versatility in all conditions.

Sized down 3 to 5 inches shorter than normal shortboard, the Double Shot will get you turning a tighter arc, drawing sharper lines, and charging through sections you never thought possible.

“I designed the Double Shot with every type of surfer in mind. The shorter planshape, wider nose and tail, combined with my signature small wave single to double concave creates the perfect small wave, summer board. Whether you’re Mick Fanning, a surfer that loves airs, or the weekend warrior you’re gonna love how much life this board puts into surfing those smaller days” -DH.