Kalani Ball ‘What I’m Riding Jr’

Kalani Ball ‘What I’m Riding Jr’

by DHD Surf

Keep an eye on this grom from Stanwell Park, NSW. At only 15, Kalani has a maturity about him in the ocean that goes well beyond his age. His determination, poise, and surfing abilities are unmatched and his achievements echo his desire to become a world champ. In 2012 Kalani won the Rip Curl GromSearch in Coffs Harbour, and he went on to win the U16 New South Wales state title. “Kalani caught Mick’s eye at the Red Bull Future Surf Camp, which says a lot about his talent. He is a great kid to work with and is an incredible surfer” DH said of his relationship with Kalani.

“You can usually feel what a board’s going to go like before you hit the water, the Eager Beaver was the first board I picked up from the DHD factory and I was so pumped to ride it, it’s my favourite board. I’ve been riding the DX1 at reefs, point breaks and some beaches if they’re punchy. I just spent a month in Bali and rode the DX1 most days, it’s really smooth and sharp in the pocket. The Project 15 is the board I ride when it’s small, its got a bit more width through the tail, goes fast through flat sections so you can still get some good turns or do a punt when it’s small” Kalani said of the boards in his quiver.

When asked about working with DH and riding for DHD, Kalani responded, “I am so stoked to have DH’s support. He has so much experience making boards for Mick and some of the best surfers in the world, it’s so cool to be getting boards off of such a great shaper!”

Junior team manager Andy Tuttle is pumped to have Kalani on his grom squad. “Since I started working with Kalani and attending some events it is clear to me that this kid has an amazing future ahead of him. His already professional attitude and focus in and out of the water has put him in good stead for his upcoming junior pro years. He is a good kid and a great surfer. Stoked to be working with him and have him on the junior team.”