by DHD Surf

Local Cronulla surfer Kipp Caddy drops a standout clip about his escapades surrounding the film, living around Cronulla and his Indo stint chasing waves. “Please Explain” features Kipp launching himself over the ledge of waves most of us wouldn’t take a second look at…

Kipp Caddy 'Please Explain'

How long was it shot over? 

“Please Explain” was shot over six months but to be honest, we didn’t actually film a whole lot as Cam and I were in different countries most of the time, we were just lucky to score a few epic swells and it made it really easy!

Where at?

The start of the edit is a home section basically, Shark Island, Cape Solander; then its over to Indo with some footage from waves around Keramas, Grower and Nias to finish!

The Nias trip was all-time, we spent 16 hours getting there and our boards didn’t show up, i stayed at the key-hole arriving late at night, woke up to 10ft bombing Nias without boards. I borrowed a locals board with plastic fins, 6’1″x 18 1/2″ x 2 1/4″, it had been snapped and put back together too. It was the worst board I’ve ever surfed on, but the waves where pumping i wasn’t complaining. My boards showed up for the second day of the swell, which is the red board through the rest of the Nias section

How did the launch night go down? Any highlights?

Launch night was super wild! Tas Wilson who edited the clip had his band playing – cubens in whistler – which was probably one of the highlights as everyone was cutting loose. DHD donated a surfboard and the guy that one was pretty stoked! It was awesome too see how many people came and supported it too, I had mates fly from Indo and everything! Thanks to everyone that came down.

Did you grow up in Cronulla? What’s it like being from down that way? 

I grew up down in Ulladulla where Russell Bierke is from, it’s an awesome quiet town with pumping surf; Russ got me into surfing slabby waves when i was young which was sick. I moved to Cronulla at 14 and have been there for six years now. I love it, its close to the city with a small coastal town vibe with all time waves. I have travelled the world chasing waves and still the best waves I’ve seen have been at home.

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