Meet the Micro Groms

Meet the Micro Groms

by DHD Surf

Name: Jye Parkinson
Height: 4’7 (141 cm)
Weight: 32 kg
Age: 9
Training ground: Yaroomba and Noosa
Boards: 4’11 Eager Beaver & 4’11 Project 15 Next Gen

“It would be awesome to be a professional free surfer. I think I’d like that because you get to chase good waves in different parts of the world. I like surfing the Mentawais, we just had our first surf trip there and I’d like to go back. It’d be cool to surf Rifles with Rasta and Craig Anderson!”

Name: Jesse Parkinson
Height: 4’2 (129 cm)
Weight: 28 kg
Age: 7
Training Ground: Yaroomba and Noosa
Boards: 4’8 Eager Beaver & 4’7 Double Shot

“I just got back from my first surf trip overseas and it was awesome! I’d like to keep traveling and surfing sick waves. I really like competing so one day if I’m lucky enough and good enough, I want to be a professional surfer. I like big waves so I’d like to surf Teauhupoo with my brother, Julian Wilson and Mick Fanning. That would be epic!”

Name: Rasmus King aka The Ras-muscle
Height: 131cm or 4’3
Weight: 32 kg
Age: 8
Training ground: Byron Bay, Trestles, Hawaii, Bali
Boards: 4’5 Double Shot, 4’7 Project 15

Rasmus is already surfing many international spots travelling the globe with his older brother Kyuss King and family. Rasmus is fast becoming a super grom shredding both on land and sea. When Ras is not surfing he is skating vert and when he’s not skating vert he’s back out surfing. Rasmus’s favourite surf spots are The Pass, Snapper Rocks, Tallows, Trestles, Malibu, Riveria, Velzy Hawaii, Airport Lefts, Small Ulu’s, and Keramas.