Steph Gilmore Claims her 5th World Title

Steph Gilmore Claims her 5th World Title

by DHD Surf


DHD Team Rider and poster child Steph Gilmore has claimed her 5th World Title. The boys here at DHD could not be more proud of Steph—aka Happy—who captured her 5th ASP Women’s World Title Saturday after she won the 2012 Roxy Pro Biarritz, France. Despite being a bit fatigued Steph surfed her way into the finals against fellow Aussie Tyler Wright. Steph elected to go back to her good wave board that she rode to victory at Snapper Rocks, the Ducks Nuts. The Ducks Nuts has been her go to board in waves over 3 feet.

“This year for me was all about improving my consistency and having fun with my surfing,” Gilmore said. “From when I started five years ago to we are now, women’s surfing has improved so much. It’s an honour to be back on top as these girls push me everyday and are all incredible surfers.”

All the girls stepped up and surfed challenging, and at times frustrating waves, but ultimately it was Steph’s consistent quality surfing that led her to her third victory of the year and 5th World Title. Her solid surfing throughout the event culminated in the final with a total score of 18.53.

“I have an amazing support team between my family, friends, sponsors, and shaper Darren Handley,” Gilmore said. “To be able to do what we do and make a life our of surfing is a really blessed thing. Surfing is what motivates me to wake up each day and attempt to better myself.”

“It’s just fantastic after all these years working with Steph and building up such a great relationship to see her back at the top,” Darren Handley said.  “It was tough seeing her struggle with her confidence after that horrible incident last year when she got attacked. But to see her come back and win the championship, and proving her dominance in women’s surfing, well… that was something special.”

“I have spent a lot of time with Steph this year surfing and getting my ass kicked in ping-pong…our secret training regiment,” DH said half laughing and half serious. “We have spent a lot of time just talking and keeping her confidence up and making sure the boards were feeling good under her feet. But to see here win her 5th championship in France was an amazing feeling, I am just so proud of her.”

“She has been riding some amazing boards, mostly the Ducks Nuts and a few other variations. But the board she won France on was the same board she won Snapper and New Zealand on. That’s the thing about surfers and their boards when they have that magic stick they take care of it and bring it out when they need it.”

“One thing I did notice watching this contest is just the standard of women’s surfing. To see some of the stuff the girls where doing is just amazing. I am already looking forward to next year, because with a few new younger girls coming up the standard of surfing is just incredible. They are doing airs and layback snaps the future of girls surfing is looking really solid, that’s why I have always supported women’s surfing.”