Steph – On Target

Steph – On Target

by DHD Surf

This year’s Women’s ASP World Tour is well on its way, three events deep and a building swell for the Layne Beachley Classic set to go off this weekend. Winning four world titles straight off the mark from her rookie year, it was a shock to the system for Stephanie Gilmore to give up her World Title ranking in 2011.
Well it is pretty obvious what her intentions are in 2012, winning two of the last three events and only narrowing finishing in 2nd place against fellow DHD team member Sally Fitzgibbons at Bells.

“This is by far the best start to a season I’ve had in my career,” Gilmore said. “To have three Finals straight off the bat, I’m kind of tripping out. It’s really cool. That was a really close Final, I’m sure it could have gone either way. I watched Carissa’s (Moore) wave from behind and she did that huge first turn and then raced to the next section, but if she did another turn straight away, I’m sure she would have gotten the score. I’m glad it went my way though.” Was Steph’s response to a close victory in New Zealand over Carissa Moore.

At last year’s Beachley Classic Carissa took Steph out of the event in the semi final to then carry on and win the event. Steph is going to be keen to carry on her good form for the year, with a hungry Sally and Carissa eager to take out there event and stay in the running for this year’s title. With a predicted heavy east swell due to hit tomorrow, we can’t wait.

Steph was riding the same Ducks Nuts model she was riding at Snapper a 5’10 by 18 1/2 by 2 1/4, this has been working really well for her in clean smaller conditions. With conditions looking a little more solid for Dee Why we are expecting Steph to wax up the same board she was riding at Bells 5’11 x 18 ½ x 2 ¼ version of the Mick Fanning Ducks Nuts.