Alex Smith

‘What I’m Riding’ Alex Smith

by DHD Surf

Whether is it an exotic photo shoot in Indo, a boat trip in the Mentawais , or simply a surf comp, Alex Smith travels the globe in search of perfect waves. The young Hawaiian has the skill set most dream about and when he is not getting shacked at Pipe or throwing hacks at Lowers he takes the role of Director for he and his brothers vision, which documents their unique lifestyle. His surfing accomplishments include at 10 point ride during the Pipeline WQS and most recently a win at the 2012 VQS Volcomania Championships. “I love my job. I get to travel around the world, surfing amazing waves with great people. I’ve been riding for DHD since I was 14. Darren is a total legend. When he talks everyone stops and listens. He knows exactly what his riders need under their feet. It’s an honour working with him.”

I was stoked to win the VQS Championships. The waves were really tough—small and windy. But I rode my magical 5’10 Eager Beaver, it played a huge part in winning the event. I like the Eager Beaver in high performance waves, especially at Lower Trestles, the board is loose and easily controllable. I’m loving the quick release and the rail to rail transition. Right now this is probably my go to board because it feels real good under my feet.

The Switch Blade works well in smaller, but steeper beach break conditions. It is a quick board that has the ability to draw and create lines in smaller waves. It goes good in places like Australia and Cali.

The DHX is my weapon of choice for bigger days. It works well in steep, fast, powerful waves. It’s a really good board for making hard turns in powerful waves. It goes good in places like Hawaii and Australia where the waves throw top to bottom.