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Mick Fanning Takes Tahiti

Mick Fanning Takes Tahiti

by DHD Surf

With his victory over Joel Parkinson at the Billabong Pro Tahiti, Mick Fanning
became the first Australian to win at Teahupoo since 1999. Parko established an
early lead of 18.37, with two high scoring waves in the early minutes of the 35-
minute final. MF got a late 9.37 and with just 3 minutes on the clock Mick caught a
barreling wave earning a nail biting 9.5. This wave put him in the lead which he held
onto for the rest of the final, narrowly edging out fellow Australian and good friend
Joel Parkinson.

“It’s a 35 minute final so I knew the waves were going to come,” Fanning said. “I just
had to be patient. It’s Teahupoo so it goes on and off. You can get you can get two 10s in two minutes so I knew I just needed to keep my composure throughout the Final. Joel
(Parkinson) is such and incredible surfer and he’s gotten so good out here. He raced
out to an early lead and I knew I needed to focus on my own game plan. I got that
good score about mid-heat… The second wave was the one and it’s and incredible
feeling to come back and get the win. I’m stoked.”

On the smaller days of the competition Mick rode a 5’11 ½ x 18 ¾ x 2 ¼ Ducks Nuts
with a rounded square. When the surf had some size and power, as it did on the
final day of the competition, Fanning rode his 6’0 x 18 5/8 x 2 1/4 Ducks Nuts with a
rounded pin and four fin set-up. The quad set up gave Mick the speed he needed for
the barreling conditions.

“Darren and I have been playing around with the [the quad set up] for a little while,
but the waves were so clean out there that it was the perfect place to try them out
in a heat. I’m really happy with the way they went. You needed that extra speed to
make those barrels” Mick said of the boards he road during the competition.

“Mick and I have been playing around with the Ducks Nuts rounded pin for awhile
and having seen Mick’s results in Tahiti we may be making that an option available
for everyone” said DH.

The win in Tahiti marks the 15th elite victory of Fanning’s career, and the second of
this season (after a memorable win over Kelly Slater at Bells Beach in April). This
victory puts Mick in a comfortable lead in the ASP standings over Parko and Kelly