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Introducing the Double Shot the ultimate small wave preformer

Introducing the Double Shot the ultimate small wave preformer

by Ryan

The double shot was created due to the increasing demand for a board that enables surfers to shred in smaller, sloppier conditions and have fun doing it. The wider nose and tail, combined with a super fast, flat rocker allows you to charge through dead sections and maintain drive in waves lacking power.

Adding to the Double Shot’s arsenal is a single to deep double concave with a slight vee out the tail. This concave design, which is found in many of DH’s small wave models, creates the increased drive and smoother rail to rail transitions needed to put life into small gutless waves. The medium boxy rail also compliments this model’s ability to perform in smaller waves, allowing forgiveness and creating versatility in all conditions.

Sized down 3 to 5 inches shorter than normal shortboard, the Double Shot will get you turning a tighter arc, drawing sharper lines, and charging through sections you never thought possible.

“I designed the Double Shot with every type of surfer in mind. The shorter planshape, wider nose and tail, combined with my signature small wave single to double concave creates the perfect small wave, summer board. Whether you’re Mick Fanning, a surfer that loves airs, or the weekend warrior you’re gonna love how much life this board puts into surfing those smaller days” -DH.


What Mick’s Riding on the Road

What Mick’s Riding on the Road

by DHD Surf

Half way through the year Mick Fanning is leading the race for the ASP World Title. Coming off a great win in Tahiti, Mick is focused, loving his boards and he is letting his surfing do the talking for him.

DH and Mick have been working day in and day out, in the shaping bay and in ocean, to refine Mick’s boards for the this leg of the tour. The first of three stops is the Hurley Pro at Trestles. Trestles is one of Mick’s favourites. “I’m so pumped for Trestles—it’s definitely one of the best stops on tour. There’s so many ways you can approach the wave, you can get a heap of speed out there but the wave is really forgiving so you can kind of try anything. I think you need a good mix of power surfing and airs at Lower Trestles, anything less just isn’t going to cut it”—MF.

It’s no secret that last year Mick was riding a few Mayhems shaped by San Clemente local Matt Biolos. “I think it’s been good for Mick’s surfing that Mayhem shaped him a few boards. It’s the same as when the tour stops here in Cooly and I get pros from all over the world stopping by the factory and picking up boards from me. That local knowledge can be the difference maker in these high performance events. Since then Mick and I have been experimenting with boards with a little more volume specifically designed for Trestles. Right now Mick has six really good Ducks Nuts that if the waves are 3 foot plus they are gonna be his go to boards. Even with that extra volume and rocker he reckons they are his fastest boards.”

“DH has been on fire this year with my boards, being so consistent and they’re always feeling fresh. DH and I have been working on a couple of models for different sorts of waves and we have a few that will go really well at Lowers,” Fanning said of he and DH’s latest creations.

Right after Trestles wraps up the tour stops in France for the Quiksilver Pro followed immediately by the Rip Curl Pro Portugal. Mick’s European quiver was designed by DH for all types of waves and conditions. “In France and Portugal you just don’t know what the conditions are gonna be like. The waves can be 1 foot one day and 10 feet the next. Mick’s biggest board is a 6’3 that he rides in absolute pumping conditions. In his quiver he also has a bunch of rounded pin 5 fins. These are still works in progress, but they seemed to really work for Mick in Tahiti. Even Parko was riding a quad in that final. Anything that barrels and needs some speed Mick will be riding a quad with a rounded pin. In that quiver he has a board for any type of condition and I will be over there so if he needs anything else we can shape that for him there. I am really looking forward to watching Mick’s surfing in these three events. We have been working really hard to get to this point and I wish him all the best”—DH.

The DX1

The DX1

by DHD Surf

DHD is proud to announce the release of our newest model the DX1. The concept behind this board is based of the success of the D1 rocker and the feedback from team riders and test pilots around the globe including Adriano De Souza, Kieren Perrow, the Hobgood brothers, and Jordy Smith. This model features a single concave throughout, a moderate entry into a flat belly with a tight squash tail.

Feedback from a variety of surfers with unique styles has provided DH with a global
perspective to create this ultimate all around performance short board. From the
Gold Coast to California to Brasil this board performs in a variety of conditions from
beach breaks to point breaks. Team Rider Adriano De Souza recently rode his DX1
to victory at the 2012 Billabong Pro J’Bay in big, clean, and pumping conditions.
Afterwards Adriano called the DX1 the greatest board he has ever ridden. Test
Pilot Jordy Smith rode his DX1 to 3rd place at the 2012 Snapper Rocks in 3 foot surf.
Whether you are a one board quiver surfer or looking to add a board to your quiver
that ticks all the boxes the DX1 is for you.


DHD’s New Website

DHD’s New Website

by DHD Surf

Welcome to the new DHD website. With a lack of surf over the last month the DHD team have been working hard to bring you the latest in online surfboards. Of course we have kept the usual (blog, teamriders) and added a whole heap of new stuff. As well adding a cheeky new model the DX1. Check out all the new features of DHDSurf.com

If you are looking at getting a new board or extending the quiver, you definitely need to check out the ‘Shape your board’ feature. Select from all the models and their size range. Add a spray and choose the glassing and carbon you want for your next board. A lot of fun and a great way to customize your quiver. All online customs are shipped within two weeks from order.

In a hurry or just spotted your next magic board on the rack. Check out what we have in stock and have your next board wrapped in bubble, in a box and on its way to your door within 24hrs.

At the moment we are just shipping within Australia. Look out America your next and who knows after that. all our orders are shipped to your door at no extra cost.

If you haven’t signed up already then get along and get amongst it. Sign up to the DHD VIP for all exlcusive offers and the latest news.

Become part of the DHD team and register your DHD board. Registering your board gives you the chance to win a monthly custom surfboard. Registering your DHD quiver ensures you are getting the right advice and the right equipment under your feet to progress your surfing. Monthly prizes are drawn on the 1st of every month starting Nov 1st 2012.

When you design your custom board you have the option to select from the range of our glassing and carbon technologies. Customize the strength, flex and lightness of your next board.


To complete your equipment list we have selected a range of the best surf accessories to accompany your next board, all available online.


We had a lot of fun making these videos for you. Check out the lastest clips on DH’s range and the team.

Enter the Bay

Enter the Bay

by DHD Surf

Can’t find what your looking for in stock or you just want that feeling of a custom surfboard?

Then enter the bay and ‘Shape Your Board’ a new way to customize and order your new surfboard online. Select from all available models, sprays, glass jobs, and carbon options, to put together a magic ride that is truly your own creation. Shipped in two weeks from order and shipped direct to your door.
We are always updating our sprays and adding new designs to our models. Select from the range of handcrafted sprays for your own personal taste. Prefer to ride naked? That’s fine too, you can choose the blank board option at no cost.

Want extra glass or carbon strength, or you want to go lighter and gear your equipment for the ultimate performance ride? You have the option to select your glassing and carbon  technologies.

These have been developed with DH, his team and the glassing craftsmen to ensure the correct balance of strength, flex and performance.

You can also select which fin system (FCS or Futures) you would like to be set up with.

You have the option to save your board for later, start a new one, or get your new baby on it’s way. You can also select to upgrade your fins from our range of perfomance fins and complete your quiver with leashes, traction or covers. We have all bases covered for you.

Get in the bay and have some fun.


‘What I’m Riding’ Ryan Hipwood

‘What I’m Riding’ Ryan Hipwood

by DHD Surf

Born and raised on Australia’s Gold Coast, Ryan Hipwood was drawn to the art of surfing from a very early age. He quickly began competing and as a teen rose through the pro junior ranks. Hipwood (aka Hippo) was a well-respected competitive surfer with top results, however, he found himself growing tired and frustrated with the competitive surf scene. He began to pursue a career in free surfing and has achieved some phenomenal results since leaving competitive surfing. In 2007 Ryan won the Cloud Nine Invitational contest in the Philippines. In 2008, he received the ‘Biggest Paddle In’ award at the Billabong Teahapoo invitational. And in 2009 Hippo won the Waves Black Knight Award, a peoples choice contest where the Australian public vote for their favourite surfer.

As an accomplished free surfer, Ryan has found his niche in big wave surfing. Hippo was runner up for the Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards in 2009 for surfing a monster wave at Shipsterns, Tasmania that nearly took his life. And in 2012 he was nominated for Billabong XXL Ride of the Year for his massive backhand barrel at Cloud Break, Fiji. These are two of the most prestigious awards in not only big wave surfing, but in the entire surfing community.

Hipwood has been riding for DHD since he was 15. He and Darren have established a great relationship that has allowed Ryan to progress beyond competitive surfing and into the world of big wave surfing. “Especially in big wave surfing it’s really important that your shaper can relate to your feedback and transfer that to your boards. I am lucky that I have such a good relationship with Darren so that I can tell him exactly what I want and know that he will apply it to my equipment.”

“Ryan has made a name for himself in an aspect of free-surfing few dare to explore, he is constantly pushing the limits both mentally and physically in search of the world’s heaviest waves. When it comes to big wave surfing these guys are putting their lives on the line every time they go out. The trust between surfer and shaper has to be there or things could go horribly wrong. Ryan’s feedback is critical to how his equipment performs and his trust is of the upmost importance. It’s an honour working with such a talented and progressive surfer.” —DH.

Tow Board

I ride this board mostly in Australia or where the waves are really slabing and impossible to paddle into. Places like Shipsterns in Tasmania, the Right in WA, and Tahiti.

The 6’1 Ducks Nuts is my standard short board. I ride this board when the waves are 4-6 feet. It’s a great performance short board especially for places like the Gold Coast, which don’t really hold much bigger than 6 feet. The Ducks Nuts has heaps of drive and makes smooth rail-to-rail transitions.

The 6’2 is my step up size from my 6’1. I ride this board when the waves are starting to over power my standard short board. It works well at places like Cloud Break, Hawaii, and Tahiti.

This board is my step up gun. I would even think about riding this board unless it was a solid 8 to 10 feet. It goes great out at Pipeline and really big Teahupoo. This is probably my favorite board, because I only break it out when the waves are pumping and I have had my best waves on it.

‘What I’m Riding’ Steph Gilmore

‘What I’m Riding’ Steph Gilmore

by DHD Surf

With three ASP tour victories in 2012 and her 5th ASP Women’s World Title it has been an amazing year for team rider Steph Gilmore. Gilmore won an unprecedented four-world titles in a row from 2007 to 2010 (including her rookie year on tour), but fell back to ASP Women’s World No.3 in 2011. With her most recent win at the Roxy Pro Biarritz, Steph claimed her 5th ASP World Title and reasserted herself as one of the greatest athletes in women’s surfing and an icon of Australian Sport.

Steph started the year strong with a win at her home break Snapper Rocks, followed by a second place at Bells, and another win in New Zealand. Her third win of the year came at the Roxy Pro Biarritz against fellow Aussie Tyler Wright. This win cemented her 5th World Title and put her in an elite class of surfers to win five or more ASP World Titles.

Although Steph has a number of boards in her quiver she has found the most success on her 5’11 x 18 3/8 x 2 3/16 Ducks Nuts. She rode this board to victory at Snapper, New Zealand, and most recently in France. The Ducks Nuts is Steph’s go to board in clean, pumping conditions but also in more difficult surf as well.

When Steph isn’t competing on tour she likes to mix up what’s under her feet in the water. She has really been loving the Eager Beaver in smaller surf. With a little more volume and a little less rocker the Eager Beaver is a great board for days when the waves aren’t throwing top to bottom.

Steph has also been enjoying the Switch Blade. The Switch Blade is a DHD small wave performer with tons of paddle power, but goes good in waves with some size and power. It’s a great all around board that can handle whatever you throw at it.

5 Days 5 Championships 5th World Title

5 Days 5 Championships 5th World Title

by DHD Surf


It’s been a great week for the DHD Team and test pilots. 5 seems to be the lucky number around here because in 5 days we’ve had 5 victories.  With three wins at the SkullCandy Oz Grom Comp, Adriano surfing his way to victory at the coveted Billabong Pro J-Bay, and of course Steph’s win in France which cemented her 5th world title. There is definitely some good vibes going around the factory this week as all the boys are proud their hard work is paying off for the athletes.

“#5Steph just has a ring to it, and its amazing because not only has Steph won her 5th ASP World Title, but I’ve also had some incredible wins on DHD boards in the past 5 days” DH said. “It all started last Wednesday at the SkullCandy Oz Grom Comp when Leonardo Fiorvanta of Italy won the boys U16 title, Ethan Ewing of Stradbroke won the boys U14 title, and Isabella Nichols of the Sunshine Coast took home the girls U14 title. The SkullCandy Oz Grom Comp has become the pinnacle of surfing for the younger generation here in Australia.”

“Then you have Adriano winning J-Bay in perfect waves. You couldn’t ask for better conditions for J-Bay, and not only to see Adriano win but also to witness Nathan Hedge’s comeback. It was great to see him get a 10 and a 9.5, he was surfing those boards with so much passion.”

“And of course seeing Steph win her fifth World Title in France was phenomenal. Not only to see her win the title but the competition as well. Just coming into the factory the boys here at DHD were stoked about the week’s results. Its good to see that all the hard work we are doing here at the factory is paying off.”

‘What I’m Riding’ Alex Smith

by DHD Surf

Whether is it an exotic photo shoot in Indo, a boat trip in the Mentawais , or simply a surf comp, Alex Smith travels the globe in search of perfect waves. The young Hawaiian has the skill set most dream about and when he is not getting shacked at Pipe or throwing hacks at Lowers he takes the role of Director for he and his brothers vision Lastnamefirst.tv, which documents their unique lifestyle. His surfing accomplishments include at 10 point ride during the Pipeline WQS and most recently a win at the 2012 VQS Volcomania Championships. “I love my job. I get to travel around the world, surfing amazing waves with great people. I’ve been riding for DHD since I was 14. Darren is a total legend. When he talks everyone stops and listens. He knows exactly what his riders need under their feet. It’s an honour working with him.”

I was stoked to win the VQS Championships. The waves were really tough—small and windy. But I rode my magical 5’10 Eager Beaver, it played a huge part in winning the event. I like the Eager Beaver in high performance waves, especially at Lower Trestles, the board is loose and easily controllable. I’m loving the quick release and the rail to rail transition. Right now this is probably my go to board because it feels real good under my feet.

The Switch Blade works well in smaller, but steeper beach break conditions. It is a quick board that has the ability to draw and create lines in smaller waves. It goes good in places like Australia and Cali.

The DHX is my weapon of choice for bigger days. It works well in steep, fast, powerful waves. It’s a really good board for making hard turns in powerful waves. It goes good in places like Hawaii and Australia where the waves throw top to bottom.

‘What I’m Riding’ Koa Smith

‘What I’m Riding’ Koa Smith

by DHD Surf

With multiple NSSA Championships, a 1st place at the 2010 Rip Curl Grom Search, and most recently a Gold Medal at the 2012 ISA World Championships with team Hawaii, Koa Smith has the skills most surfers dream about. Born on Kauai and now living on Oahu’s North Shore, this 17 year old Hawaiian phenom is taking the surfing world by storm.

Koa is a versatile surfer with an arsenal of airs and maneuvers, but the young Hawaiian prefers barreling Pipe and tubes in Indo. According to Koa, “there is nothing better than a nice long barrel.” He has been a constant presence in/at the Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang, in which he has showcased his surfing abilities in heavy conditions alongside some of the best surfers in the world.

Sponsored by DHD since the age of 12, Darren and Koa have established a special relationship. At the beginning of the year DH had Koa and his brother Alex out to visit the factory and surf some of Australia’s best waves. “DH is a legend, going to his home turf was so sick! He let me stay at his pad and he took us surfing everyday,” Koa said of his recent trip to Oz. DH speaks very highly of the up and coming surfer, “Koa has a unique attitude and I really like the way he lets his surfing do the talking for him. Its good for me now that I have a factory in the USA and have spent some time in Hawaii, to have a great young surfer to make boards for.”

Koa’s quiver consists of the DHX, Eager Beaver, Sweet Spot, SwitchBlade, and the Scalpel. “All the boards are super fast and have an amazing flow in every condition. I can surf every type of wave with the boards in my quiver from small beach breaks to pumping Pipe.”


 Koa is loving his 5’ 11 x 18 3/8 x 2 ¼ DHX, “I’ve had my best sessions on the DHX, it’s a great all around board that allows you to pick the lines you want. The DHX works really good in Hawaii and bigger waves with a little more power.”


I’ve been riding the Eager Beaver at Lower Trestles, it works especially good in high-performance waves.” With this model we have really focused on a little more volume, and little more width, and less rocker through the tail. Adding a little tail vee though the tail behind the fins that allows for quick release and fluid rail-to-rail transitions.


 Sweet Spot is Koa’s weapon of choice for bigger days. When he visited the DHD factory at the beginning of the year DH made Koa a boxed out 5’10 Sweet Spot that is made for 6ft plus. This board was made with the idea of staying right in the pocket of the wave. “The Sweet Spot is my board of choice when the waves are barreling.”


 DHD makes some amazing small wave boards. I particularly like the SwitchBlade and Scalpel. The SwitchBlade goes good in smaller surf and can handle whatever you throw at it. I have been really liking the Scalpel, it’s really good for airs and tail throws. The Scalpel makes you motivated to surf small waves.”

Which DHD boards are in you quiver?

I have one DHX 5’11 x 18 3/8 x 2 ¼, two Eager Beavers (one 5’10 ½ x 18 3/8 x 2 ¼ and one 5’ 10 x 18 3/8 x 2 1/4), a 5’4 x 18 ¾ x 2 ¼ Scalpel, and a 5’7 x 18 5/8 x 2 3/16 Switch Blade, 5’10 x 18 3/8 x 2 ¼ Sweet Spot