Garut Widiarta

‘What I’m Riding’ Garut Widiarta

‘What I’m Riding’ Garut Widiarta

by DHD Surf

Garut is one of the most recognizable Indonesian surfers in the world. Born and raised in Kuta he started surfing at the age of 9 at his home break Half Ways. In 2010 he won Oakley’s Indosection, a bonus feature round of Taylor Steele’s Innersection project.

The young surfer prefers long barrels, but isn’t afraid to bust massive aerial maneuvers. Outside of surfing he is known for his laid-back demeanor and ever-present smile. As of late he has shied away from the competitive surf scene and has become one of the most recognizable free surfers in the world.

Garut has been riding for DHD for 2 years now and his quiver consists of a Semi- Gun, the Ducks Nuts, a Sweet Spot, and a Switch Blade (not pictured). Recently Garut surfed his Sweet Spot in firing 6-foot surf at Padang Padang for the 2012 Rip Curl Cup. “I love Bali, the surf is just so consistent here and nowhere else is there this quality of waves. On the east side you have fun waves, and down on the bukit and on the west side you can get massive barreling waves. Nothing compares to that feeling of a big long barrel. But if I couldn’t live here I’d probably want to live on the Gold Coast,” said Garut.

“Right now I have the Sweet Spot, which goes real good in barreling waves, the Ducks Nuts, a Semi-Gun, and the Switch Blade. The Switch Blade goes really well in smaller surf and is perfect for landing airs. Working with DH has really improved my surfing; he knows exactly what changes to make to the board design to make them go better for each of his surfers. I’m lucky that Darren has a factory here in Bali so I can get my boards more frequently and the quality of boards made here at the DHD factory is right up there with the best in the world.”