The Grom House Phones Home

The Grom House Phones Home

by DHD Surf

The past two days have been filled with nothing but surfing and stoke. The junior team arrived at the DHD grom house on Saturday afternoon and went straight out to surf the world famous super bank. Needless to say these future stars are pumped to be out in the line up mixing it up with Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, and countless other pros. They have been surfing four to five times a day, and when they are not surfing they have been skating around Cooly and of course destroying an insane amount of food.

“It’s been great to get these kids, who are from all over Australia, under one roof,” said junior team manager Andy Tuttle. “You know these kids are usually competing against one another and don’t really get to spend that much time together. They are already starting to feel the pressure to go out and win competitions. But the grom house has given them the chance to just relax and surf with their mates. It’s awesome to watch them do laps from Snapper to Greenmount. I mean not only are they ripping they are just having fun.”

Since today was a lay day for the Quiksilver Pro the junior team riders were able to spend the afternoon with DH and Mick Fanning.  DH spoke to the team about equipment, board designs, and the team riders’ plans for this year and the future. Mick stopped by to hang out with our future stars and give them professional insight and advice.

“I could tell that the junior team riders and Mick really enjoyed their time together today. The kids really look up to him, and for Mick it gives him a break from the competitive atmosphere. All the kids are super talented and it’s great watching them surf, and drop in on the pros” DH said with a smile. “I bought a lot of lollies but it still wasn’t enough. Oh an apologies to all the residents on Eden Ave for the water balloons.”

Junior Team Rider Update

Junior Team Rider Update

by DHD Surf


The junior team riders have been killing it in competitions this year. It started in July at the 2012 Skull Candy Oz Grom Comp when team riders Ethan Ewing, Isabella Nichols, and international test pilot Leo Fioranta were victorious in the U14 boys and U16 boys and girls divisions respectively. In the same month Kalani Ball took home the U16 Junior NSW championship.

Kalani lining up a nice floater

In September, super grom Luke Hynd took 1st place at the D’bah Volcom VQS in the U18 division, and mini unit Sandon Whittaker took 2nd place at both the D’bah VQS and Barton Lynch Blast off. In the same month Ethan and Isabella were victorious at the Queensland State Junior Titles in the boys and girls U16 division.

Test Pilot Mikey McDonagh proudly holding his Project 15 Next Gen post win

This month the groms are back on the road and back in the water. This time junior team riders Luke Hynd, Sandon Whittaker, Kalani Ball, Jacob Wilcox, and test pilot Mikey McDonagh all competed in the Cronulla Rip Curl GromSearch. In the U12 division Sandon surfed his way to the semis before being knocked out by an interference call and Mikey McDonagh surfed his Project 15 Next Gen to victory. In the U16 boys division Luke made it to the semis before being knocked out, while Jacob took 3rd place and Kalani finished 2nd overall.

Ethan Ewing all smiles after winning the SkullCandy Oz Grom comp

Isabella Nichols and Billy Harrison will both be competing in the Rip Curl GromSearch Jan Juc, Victoria. After that the junior team will be headed to final stop of the RipCurl GromSearch on the Sunshine Coast.

Test Pilot Leo Fioranta loves his DX1 and Project 15 Next Gen

Junior team manager Andy Tuttle is stoked on the recent success of the DHD groms. “We have been on the road for over a week now starting at the Volcom VQS, the BL Blast Off, then the Cronulla RipCurl GromSearch, and we will be finishing up at the Jan Juc RipCurl GromSearch. All the surfers are putting in great results in events that showcase the highest level of Australian junior surfing. The team has been riding the Project 15 Next Gen in competition and smaller surf and the Eager Beaver Jr. for punchy beach breaks. When the conditions are good and there are solid waves with some power the team goes for the DX1, which can handle size,” Tutts said of his team’s performance and equipment. “I am pumped for our groms, they are competing and performing at a high level but nothing is too serious and they’re having a good time with their mates. You can’t really ask for much more than that.”

Luke Hynd’s signature air reverse

“These kids really are the future of Australian surfing. Mick and I have chosen a few groms that we feel are special in terms of their surfing abilities and the way in which they carry themselves. We are trying not only to help these kids grow as athletes but also as ambassadors of the sport. These competitions are the same competitions that Steph and Mick competed in before turning pro and it’s a great way to get into the competitive mind set but while still having fun with other surfers from all around Australia,” DH said of the junior team.

Stayed tuned for more junior team rider updates and our ‘What I’m Riding Jr.’ campaign.