Joel Parkinson

Jack Freestone 2016 Quiver

Jack Freestone 2016 Quiver

by DHD Surf

“At the start of the year we were trying so much stuff and testing everything until we could find something that fit,” Freestone says. “We’re making good progress. It’s a lot of hit-and-miss, but we’ve got a few now that have clicked. That’s stuff we can incorporate into the old models to give them a new feel, a new touch. It’s a process, but I’m excited about where it’s headed.”


“My all-time go-to model is the DX1, something Darren brought back that Joel Parkinson used to ride way back in the day,” Freestone says. “Basically, we just widened the tail a bit. It goes really good in all kinds of waves, especially those shitty QS waves I’ve had to surf for the last three years. Now as we’ve moved more into surfing better waves, we’ve narrowed the tail again, and it really fits in well with good waves.”

Jack Freestone Quiver

“The DX1 is the board I’ll surf if the waves are good for my heat. It’s my trusted go-to board,” says Jack. “The outline feels really good, and the way it works together with the rocker, Darren’s a master at blending the two.”

Jack Freestone EpoxiCore

“The Epoxicore (left) is also something we’ve been working on together,” Freestone says. “It’s a really cool concept. I love the fact that Darren’s incorporating the expoy with the normal PU board. Sometimes epoxies are just a little too buoyant and corky, and you can’t really navigate them that well, so I think that intertwining the regular board with the epoxy gives it the regular feel with all the benefits of the epoxy. It’s mental, man.”

Jack Freestone DX1

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Photos – Mikey Mallalieu