Kieren Perrow

KP’s Hawaiian Quiver

KP’s Hawaiian Quiver

by DHD Surf

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks on the North Shore with the Vans Triple Crown rolling into town and now the ASP World Championship coming down to the Billabong Pipe Masters. Mick is out and the entire surfing world is focused on Kelly and Parko. But in between all the chaos DHD team manager Ryan Norrie was able to catch up with last years Pipe Master Kieren Perrow, an underdog with the skills and knowledge to go back to back.

(Photo: ASP/Dunbar)

RN: So KP how is life on the North Shore this season and where have you been surfing?

KP: Its been a really slow season for surf! No huge swells until yesterday and really funky winds… I have been surfing pipe and backdoor as much as possible, had one really fun session out there with not many guys a few weeks back. Otherwise its been just fun rocky rights.

RN: You were ripping at Sunset what board were you riding?

KP: Ha cheers mate, I rode my 6’6 DX3 with the carbon strip on the bigger day and then the final day rode my 6’2 DX3… both boards I’ve had since Tahiti and have been awesome! The 6’2 I rode when I won my crucial 3rd round heat against Jeremy in France and ended up going to the quarters.

RN: How is your prep for Pipe going? What do you do to get ready for an event like Pipe?

KP: It’s going well but its hard to prep for pipe because really it will only get good a few times in the whole season so to try boards and get used to surfing it is hard. You just need to rely on your experience out there over all the years of coming here and catch a few good ones!

RN: What is in your Pipe and North Shore Quiver?

KP: My Hawaiian quiver mostly consists of Sweet Spots and DX3s… oh and a DX1. They all go so good, DH has been making me some really excellent big wave boards.

RN: Do you pay attention to volume in your boards or you leave most of the work up to DH with your feedback?

KP: Yeah I like to talk to DH a lot about my boards and really fine-tune them… especially the guns because I really like riding them! He has improved his bigger boards a huge amount in the last few years and is spending more time getting them right which is unreal… I have some amazing boards from him here.

RN: What’s your favourite model? What fins are you using here on the North Shore?

KP: My favourite model is the DX1, and then in my longer boards the DX3 is good. I like using FCS G5’s mostly… the blue glass ones but I have been testing the new FCS system and it feels really solid.

RN: After being runner up in 2010 and Pipe Master in 2011 do you feel any pressure out here like you’re the man to beat? How do you handle that?

No, not really, only my own desire to do well out there! I kind of fly under the radar and I like that, I really love surfing out there and doing well at Pipe. There is still nerves and tough heats and times which are full of pressure but its all about trying to make the most of them and enjoy the good barrels you get with no crazy crowd!

RN: Any last words….

KP: Pumped to try and get that Gerry Lopez board again this year! So far so good…