Mikey Wright

An Australian Adventure: Luke Hynd & Mikey Wright

by Tracks Magazine

Luke Hynd and Mikey Wright embark on a surfing odyssey in a quintessentially Australian film ‘ Wanderlust’. Chasing pumping waves with the nation’s best surfers, down schooners with cantankerous locals and visit some of the more innocuous nooks of the continent’s rugged fringes.

Luke Hynd - Wanderlust

Wanderlust lets you rediscover the country and the coastline you love. Be careful, you might even be inspired to toss it all in and embark on your own journey around The Great Southern Land. This year Mikey Wright and Luke Hynd will be roaming around the Land Down Under – chasing waves, catching up with surfing legends and sharing beers with classic Australian characters. Their itinerary is pretty loose and it’s the kind of epic road trip where anything could happen.

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Photo @russellordphoto
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