Oney Anwar

Oney Anwar and Jacob Willcox awarded Bells Beach Wildcards

Oney Anwar and Jacob Willcox awarded Bells Beach Wildcards

by DHD Surf

With plenty of swell in the forecast the 2013 Rip Curl Pro is shaping up to an exciting event. Pumping waves are predicted Easter Friday onwards for one of the most iconic events in all of surfing. Team Riders Oney Anwar and Jacob Willcox have both been awarded wildcards into the men’s competition.

        (Oney Anwar ready for Bells with a fresh quiver of DHDs)

“I still can’t believe it, I’m so stoked to receive the wildcard and get to surf against the top guys in such an iconic event. Ever since I competed in the Rip Curl GromSearch finals at Bells as a junior in 2009, I’ve wanted to surf in the main event” commented Oney. The young Indonesian surfer will face fellow team rider and defending Bells champion Mick Fanning in round one when competition commences.

15-year-old WA charger Jacob Willcox posted a massive upset last week at the Margaret River pro (his first WQS event), when he took down fellow DHD team rider Adriano De Souza. The U16 Australian Junior Champion has been awarded a wildcard invitation to the Rip Curl Pro due to the withdraw of John John Florence. “It’s unbelievable to get the chance to surf against the best surfers in the world. There’s nothing bigger than the Rip Curl Pro and I can’t wait to get out at Bells and see how I go,” Willcox commented.  Jacob will face current world number one and last year’s Bells runner up Kelly Slater in round one.

“Good luck boys cause you’re gonna need it!” –DH

If you haven’t seen Jacob Willcox surf here is a little clip the Margaret River local put together… the kid charges!


Oney Anwar – The Interview

Oney Anwar – The Interview

by DHD Surf

DH: Oney a lot of people don’t know much about you so tell us where you’re from.

My name is Oney Anwar, I’m from Lakey Peak and I am 19 years old.

So you’ve been living on the Gold Coast, how long has that been for?

I’ve been living on the Gold Coast for five years, going to school at Palm Beach Currumbin, living in Palm Beach.

I saw on instagram that you’ve just finished school, what was that like? Did you win any awards or anything?

Yeah, ya know I just graduated it feels great. I won a couple of awards. Three times in a row I won sportsman of the year and my teacher says no one has done that before. So that is even more special for me coming from Indonesia and beating all the footy boys… so yeah stoked.

And that must be pretty good considering that Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, and Dean Morrison all went to that school.

Yeah, you know those guys are such and inspiration for me, watching them surf and knowing they went to the same school, I mean that’s why I came to Australia.

Leaving your family behind and living in Australia for all this time, was that hard?

Not really, I always have been away. I was never in Lakey all the time, I spent a lot of time in Bali so I got used to it. I love western people and hanging around them, so Australia is one of my favourite places to be.

Ok, so living in Australia for five years and you’ve finished school, what is next for Oney Anwar?

Now that I have finished school I am thinking of focusing on the WQS and trying to be the first Indo to travel. I mean I know a few have done it before but I am gonna try even harder.

And with the second place result this year at the Billabong Pro in Japan, that must have been a good feeling and probably boosted your confidence to go do the QS.

Yeah you know, the one in Japan was actually the first WQS I have done and I got second straight away so I tell myself that hopefully I can do even better next time.

So you are off to Bali for a month or so, and then are you coming back to Australia after that?

Yeah, definitely coming back to Australia to train for the WQS. I still have to go visit my mom and dad. I got a little house in Lakey Peak that I just built 3 months ago, so I just wanna go back there and chill out. You know surf Lakey Peak left and rights, just go back and relax. And next year is a new year it’s gonna be the beginning of my surfing career.

So next year when you are in Lakey Peak and I come over are you gonna look after me?

(With a big smile) Maybe not, maybe I just tell you to paddle back in and go back to Australia.

And you had a family looking after you here the whole time while you where on the Gold Coast?

Yeah, such a lovely family, Mark and Jenny. I have lived with them for five years already. They are pretty much like my mom and dad. They look after me, take me to comps, I don’t even know what to say they are such beautiful, kind people.

That’s great to have that kind of support, and you’ve got all the support of all your sponsors and they are looking after you and making sure that you can do the WQS.

I am stoked to have such a good brand like RipCurl support me, send me over here and definitely looking forward to the future. And I am riding your boards, you know DHDs are some of the best boards in the world. I got a good sponsor, good boards, now I just need to go big.

Go big or go home right? You picked up a few boards today and you been riding the Project 15 how has that board been going for you?

That is definitely one of my favourite boards for sure, I got second in the WQS in Japan on a Project 15, so yeah they go good.

Alright well I’ll see you in Bali and we will both go surfing together, make sure you give me a couple of free waves mate.

Definitely, for sure. Thanks for the boards DH, I really appreciate them.

Congratulations on finishing school and your awards, and we hope the best for you in the future.

Thanks DH.

** Oney Anwar is a 19-year-old surfer from Lakey Peak, Sumbawa but has been living on the Gold Coast for nearly 5 years. Surfing since the age of seven he has risen through the ranks of the Australian Pro Juniors and created history as the first Indonesian surfer to win an Australian Pro Junior in 2010 when he took out the Dripping Wet Pro Junior at South Curl Curl, Sydney. Oney won $3000 in prize money and sent it back to his family in Sumbawa to buy a house, which speaks volumes about this humble athlete’s character.

Oney gave the 2012 Queensland Championship Circuit a serious run, finishing in the top four. His biggest result was the 2012 Billabong Pro in Japan, a four-star open World Qualifier where he finished second to Hawaii’s Ezekiel Lau.

Most recently, Oney won a wildcard spot for the 2012 ASP Oakley Would Junior title in Bali. He narrowly lost to California’s Connor Coffin, in round 3 of competition.

Oney looks forward to 2013, when he will begin focusing on taking his surfing career to the next level by competing on the WQS.