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The Grom House Phones Home

The Grom House Phones Home

by DHD Surf

The past two days have been filled with nothing but surfing and stoke. The junior team arrived at the DHD grom house on Saturday afternoon and went straight out to surf the world famous super bank. Needless to say these future stars are pumped to be out in the line up mixing it up with Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, and countless other pros. They have been surfing four to five times a day, and when they are not surfing they have been skating around Cooly and of course destroying an insane amount of food.

“It’s been great to get these kids, who are from all over Australia, under one roof,” said junior team manager Andy Tuttle. “You know these kids are usually competing against one another and don’t really get to spend that much time together. They are already starting to feel the pressure to go out and win competitions. But the grom house has given them the chance to just relax and surf with their mates. It’s awesome to watch them do laps from Snapper to Greenmount. I mean not only are they ripping they are just having fun.”

Since today was a lay day for the Quiksilver Pro the junior team riders were able to spend the afternoon with DH and Mick Fanning.  DH spoke to the team about equipment, board designs, and the team riders’ plans for this year and the future. Mick stopped by to hang out with our future stars and give them professional insight and advice.

“I could tell that the junior team riders and Mick really enjoyed their time together today. The kids really look up to him, and for Mick it gives him a break from the competitive atmosphere. All the kids are super talented and it’s great watching them surf, and drop in on the pros” DH said with a smile. “I bought a lot of lollies but it still wasn’t enough. Oh an apologies to all the residents on Eden Ave for the water balloons.”



by DHD Surf

DHD is very excited to announce the 1st annual DHD Grom House. With all that is happening on the Gold Coast right now in the lead up to the Quiksilver Pro, it is easy to focus on the pros. However, we feel the Quiky Pro is a great opportunity to take advantage of the event and shine a little light on our pros in the making.

The junior riders will be sharing a house in Rainbow Bay and will have VIP access to the competition. The groms’ days will be filled with free surfing, skating, and mentoring from pro team riders on contest preparation. Mick Fanning and DH will also be providing educational tips on nutrition, equipment, and training at the pro level.

It’s going to be an exciting event for us here at DHD and our Junior team. Unleashing 6 frothing groms in Cooly is sure to be an epic adventure and something these junior riders will never forget. Be sure to stay tuned to for blog updates, footage, and exclusive interviews with these pro riders in the making.

‘What I’m Riding Jr’ Sandon Whittaker

‘What I’m Riding Jr’ Sandon Whittaker

by DHD Surf


Although he is only 12, Central Coast surfer Sandon Whittaker is already a powerhouse that we here at DHD have nicknamed the ‘mini-unit.’ His stocky frame and powerful style are reminiscent of Occy and Tom Carroll in their younger years. He has already developed a familiarity with the ocean that many fall to achieve at such a young age, which is evident in his surfing abilities in both competitions and free surfs.

Andy Tuttle, DHD Junior Team Manager, has nothing but good things to say about this up-and-comer, “Sandy is a little legend. He surfs with power but also with a bit of finesse, and he can do aerials, which makes him an all around surfer. A lot of kids do one thing really good and stick to their strong points, but Sandon does it all. He is always pumped to surf and a pleasure to be around.”

Sandon has been riding DHD’s for 3 years and is a key component of our Grom Squad. So far this year Sandy has had some favourable results including three 2nd place finishes at the Volcom VQS at D’bah, the Barton Lynch Blast Off, and most recently the RipCurl GromSearch Jan Juc, where he also won the Rising Star Award. This award is given out to the surfer that shows the most potential and embodies sportsmanship.

“I feel very special being part of the DHD team, each board DH makes for me tests my ability and pushes me to the next level. Darren and Andy are so cool, they love getting feed back about the boards and Darren really listens to how team riders feel that their boards are going. To get a smaller version of a pro’s board customized for you is the best feeling ever. Sometimes I pick up a new sled and am frothing so hard I can’t decide what turns I want to do first. When I watch the older team riders like Luke Hynd, Garrett Parks or Mick flaring I know I can make the same turns cause I’ve got the same tools, Yew, Luv DHD!!! Thanks Darren and Andy!” –Sandon

When he is not in the water you can find Sandon refining his skills at the skate park. His devotion to surfing is unmatched by most surfers his age and his abilities in the water speak volumes of his dedication. We here at DHD look forward to watching him progress as an athlete and ambassador of the sport.

Project15  Next Gen:

This 4’11” is about the 6th Project 15 I’ve had from DH, this one is wider than usual, made for the really small days so you can do the same turns in small waves as you do on good days but without all the bouncing. An insane board for small comp days, gets tighter in the pocket and can still go vert in 1 foot. The board all my mates are after!!!

Switch Blade:

Darren made me this one because I saw Jordy Smith and Mick tearing on them. The fastest small wave grom board ever, puts the speed in your surfing for all the grom air attempts.


When the waves are cranking the DX1 is THE board, it handles punchy reef and point breaks and has a little more bottom curve so you can get right in the pocket. From East Coast beachies to pointbreaks my DX1 does the same stuff as my Project but in a bit punchier waves. Don’t have to think with this board it’s that responsive. It is SICK!!!

 DX1- Step Up:

When the waves get bigger than 5 foot this board is my step up, at 5’4″ is paddles heaps easier so I get more waves and can get down them earlier, goes super fast but because of the pulled in tail I can still make big arching turns.