Surfing Northern Lights

Mick Fanning: Northern Lights

Mick Fanning: Northern Lights

by Source: Chris Binns - Red Bull

Mick Fanning is standing on a desolate beach in Norway, the sky ready to open up and dump snow. “I don’t think I’m well,” he says. “I can go anywhere in the world. Boardshorts, whatever. But no, I come here.”

It would be a dramatic way to cap off a year spent mostly away from contests, chasing new waves in far flung places.

Mick Fanning surfing the MF DNA 5’ 10 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/4 *Squash Tail

After a couple of days and nights waiting for the lights to appear, around midnight on the third day the shoot was finally, suddenly on. “You can imagine,” says Fanning. “Half asleep, jumping in a wetsuit, and then just being wowed by all this stuff. It’s something I’ll remember forever.”

Incredible imagery by Mats Grimsæth & Emil Sollie – Red Bull