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DHD’s New Website

DHD’s New Website

by DHD Surf

Welcome to the new DHD website. With a lack of surf over the last month the DHD team have been working hard to bring you the latest in online surfboards. Of course we have kept the usual (blog, teamriders) and added a whole heap of new stuff. As well adding a cheeky new model the DX1. Check out all the new features of

If you are looking at getting a new board or extending the quiver, you definitely need to check out the ‘Shape your board’ feature. Select from all the models and their size range. Add a spray and choose the glassing and carbon you want for your next board. A lot of fun and a great way to customize your quiver. All online customs are shipped within two weeks from order.

In a hurry or just spotted your next magic board on the rack. Check out what we have in stock and have your next board wrapped in bubble, in a box and on its way to your door within 24hrs.

At the moment we are just shipping within Australia. Look out America your next and who knows after that. all our orders are shipped to your door at no extra cost.

If you haven’t signed up already then get along and get amongst it. Sign up to the DHD VIP for all exlcusive offers and the latest news.

Become part of the DHD team and register your DHD board. Registering your board gives you the chance to win a monthly custom surfboard. Registering your DHD quiver ensures you are getting the right advice and the right equipment under your feet to progress your surfing. Monthly prizes are drawn on the 1st of every month starting Nov 1st 2012.

When you design your custom board you have the option to select from the range of our glassing and carbon technologies. Customize the strength, flex and lightness of your next board.


To complete your equipment list we have selected a range of the best surf accessories to accompany your next board, all available online.


We had a lot of fun making these videos for you. Check out the lastest clips on DH’s range and the team.

Enter the Bay

Enter the Bay

by DHD Surf

Can’t find what your looking for in stock or you just want that feeling of a custom surfboard?

Then enter the bay and ‘Shape Your Board’ a new way to customize and order your new surfboard online. Select from all available models, sprays, glass jobs, and carbon options, to put together a magic ride that is truly your own creation. Shipped in two weeks from order and shipped direct to your door.
We are always updating our sprays and adding new designs to our models. Select from the range of handcrafted sprays for your own personal taste. Prefer to ride naked? That’s fine too, you can choose the blank board option at no cost.

Want extra glass or carbon strength, or you want to go lighter and gear your equipment for the ultimate performance ride? You have the option to select your glassing and carbonĀ  technologies.

These have been developed with DH, his team and the glassing craftsmen to ensure the correct balance of strength, flex and performance.

You can also select which fin system (FCS or Futures) you would like to be set up with.

You have the option to save your board for later, start a new one, or get your new baby on it’s way. You can also select to upgrade your fins from our range of perfomance fins and complete your quiver with leashes, traction or covers. We have all bases covered for you.

Get in the bay and have some fun.