The Switch Blade

The Switch Blade

by DHD Surf


The Switch Blade is a small wave performer, designed for the 1-5ft range as a fast and loose option for all skill levels. With a wide rounded square tail, flatter rocker and straighter plan shape, this model paddles easily and generates plenty of speed straight off the mark.


The single concave vee that is more like a concaved vee allows for smooth rail to rail transition, which is needed with the extra width.  A flatter deck with medium boxy rail, this model has plenty of flotation and bite in smaller conditions. The fins are angled to allow for loose release in small and larger conditions whilst maintain speed through turns.


The model is glassed 4x4x4 with tail carbon patches for extra strength. This design is a great option for the surfer looking for performance, speed and paddle power in smaller days and will handle whatever you can throw at it.


DHD Comments: The ‘Switch Blade’, this is my latest spin off from the wide tails boards we are seeing the pro’s riding lately. Ever since Dayne Reynolds grabbed the world’s attention with his Dumpster Diver, this style of board has become the in thing at the moment. All my team have been asking for it which created the Project 15 and now the Switch Blade. I was sitting in LA having a few beers with some mates and I thought it would be a good name.


The Switch Blade is designed for having fun and performance surfing in small or fun surf. The extra foam


running through a wider, shorter plan shape creates a small, fast, loose and fun ride. I have also incorporated this unique single concave vee through the bottom that I don’t use in my other models. It creates heaps of speed and allows for fast powerful turning in small waves. Mitch Colebourne has been riding this model a heap and it is fast becoming another go to option for my team when the waves are small and fun.


I reckon just about any surfer can ride a Switch Blade, it has the paddle power and forgiveness for beginners and intermediate surfers to progress their surfing and have heaps of fun. It can also handle the power and deliver the performance of advanced to pro surfers. If you want to have some fun and throw the tail around in small days, the Switch Blade is definitely an option worth looking at.


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Fins: Thruster
Rail: Medium  boxy
Tail: wide mini diamond
Skill level: beginner to pro
Rocker: low nose, medium bellow, low tail
Glassing: 4x4x4 carbon flaps tail
Bottom: single concave vee