by DHD Surf

DHD is proud to announce Granger Larson and Glenn “Micro” Hall as the newest additions to the DHD Team. With all that is happening on the Gold Coast in the lead up to the Quiksilver Pro, Darren Handley is extremely pleased with the addition of two amazing athletes and brand ambassadors to the DHD family.

“Both Granger and Micro are great surfers that I have had the pleasure of working with for a number of years. Micro is a seasoned competitor and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, whereas Granger is making a name for himself in the WQS and through his freesurfing. I couldn’t be happier having them on the team,” DH said of his newest team riders.

For Glenn ‘Micro’ Hall, 2013 will mark the first year on the WCT for the 31 year old. “I have been close to qualifying many years before but never got over the line. To finally do it now at this age and with the caliber of young guns, it’s strange I suppose. But, in saying that, I feel like I’m surfing my best and enjoying it as much as ever. I’m working on the little things and trying to improve. I am stoked to be working with Darren and can’t wait to get more of his boards under my feet.”

Hawaii’s Granger Larsen has proven he is not only one of the most talented young freesurfers to watch, but he’s also got a competitive edge. Be on the lookout to see Granger rise through the ASP rankings in 2013 in attempt to qualify for the WCT.