“What I’m Riding” Adriano De Souza

“What I’m Riding” Adriano De Souza

by DHD Surf

Adriano De Souza
Height: 5’6 (167cm)
Weight: 137LBS (65kg)

Darren Handley and Adriano De Souza have been working together for a number of years and have had some excellent results from the hard work. It was a great start to the year with a 2nd place at the Snapper Rocks Quiksilver Pro. Adriano was riding his 5’10 x 18 1/8 x 2 1/8 DX1 with FCS and K3 fins for a lot of the event. “Adriano and I have been making small refinements. He has been loving all his DX1′s because they work in all types of waves from beachbreaks to points for high performance surfing,” DH said. The DX1 is part of the evolution of DH’s D-series of boards. All team riders on the D1 have made the switch.

DH and Adriano have solidified his quiver for the first part of the year and are excited with what is under his feet. “Working closely with a Brazilian team rider has been a great experience” said DH. “He has so much power in his surfing and his determination keeps him so driven. I have really enjoyed working together as he comes from such a different surfing background. Designing boards for international surfers for global waves really expands the scope of your shaping and this experience just rubs off on your shaping across the board” DH.

Adriano is really loving the DX1, DHX and Puzzle Piece, working with DH across a number of variations of these models.

The DX1 is the staple performance model for Adriano and his go to board when there is good surf. DH and Adriano are working through a few variations and sizes of this model and is most likely going to be Adriano’s weapon of choice for Bells. The DX1 is an update to my main performance model the D1, a board that has stood the test of time. All of my team have ridden this board, and they keep coming back to it as their number 1 short board. The DX1 has already been ridden to several contest wins this year.

When the surf is really pumping and Adriano is looking for speed, drive, hold and top to bottom performance the DHX is the model Adriano chooses. DH and Adriano have put together a number of variations refined for specific conditions, locations and surf sizes and are working closely on these developments. The DHX is DH’s R&D model, basically if you see anyone riding a DHX you know they are riding a prototype. This process allows DH and his team to work through new design concepts and keep a track of what is working and what isn’t.

When the surf is poor Adriano finds the performance he needs in the Puzzle Piece. Although the Puzzle Piece is generally an all round performance model, Adriano’s power and low centre of gravity combined with his lifetime of experience in Brazilian waves allow Adriano to really perform well on the Puzzle Piece in these conditions. This model allows DH to hide some extra foam for paddling and initial speed and lift without hindering the performance of the board.