‘What I’m Riding’ Sally Fitzgibbons

by DHD Surf

Sally Fitzgibbons
H: 5’7 (168cm)
W: 135LBS (61kg)

Over the past year Sally and DH have really solidified their relationship and her surfing has never been better. With wins at the Australian Open, the Newcastle Surfest, and most recently her back-to-back victory at Bells it has been a phenomenal start to the season.

At the end of last year Sally wasn’t satisfied with the way her boards were performing.  DH invited her up to the Gold Coast to hangout in the factory and learn about shaping and designing the right boards. Together they measured up her old favorites, noting the aspects she liked and some of the things she didn’t like. She took off with four boards from this shaping experience and straight away went to the Australian Open in Manly and won on her 5’7 x 17 ¾ x 2 1/8 Project 15. After the event she sent DH a text, which said ‘We Won.’ “That was a great achievement not only for Sally but also a great achievement for our relationship” said DH.

In the next event, the Newcastle Surfest, Sally again surfed her way to victory. This time on her 5’7 x 17 ¾ x 2 1/8 Puzzle Piece, a fast, responsive board designed for all conditions, allowing her backhand to excel. The Puzzle Piece is DHD’s ultimate beach break surfboard with speed and looseness it allows you to get tight and keep your flow on beach break waves.

Sally claimed her 3rd win of the season at the coveted Bells Beach Rip Curl Pro against fellow team rider and good friend Stephanie Gilmore. She was surfing a DX1 with a rounded pintail, which has good hold in bigger waves. This board allows you to draw longer lines and helps make tighter turns on big open faces. Perfect for bigger, choppy, strong surf.

Sally’s feedback has allowed DH to create the right boards for her in all conditions and her results speak volumes of the two’s relationship.

“Sally fits right into the DHD team, she is hungry, focused and works hard to achieve top  results. The inspiration and great friendship she draws from Steph creates an awesome working environment for the three of us and I just love it when the two of them go head to head in the final. As a shaper watching Steph and Sally at Bells this year was really satisfying.”DH