Asher Pacey: Off The Well Worn Path

by DHD Surf 4 weeks ago

Asher Pacey is one humble dude both in and out the water. Filmmaker Matt Kleiner brings us a unique insight into the mind of one of the stylish and respectful surfers out there today.


J-Bay Final Called Off


We are immensely happy to see Mick Fanning un-harmed in the ordeal at Jay Bay WSL and can't wait to have a beer together and hear the story. A massive thanks to Julian Wilson for showing so much courage and the WSL crew on acting so professionally to maintain the situation.


DHD Chosen as the best surfboard by surfer Julian Wilson for the #stabinthedark project at The global premiere in Venice Beach.

Tracksmag: A Different Kind of Fire


Mick Fanning possesses the most refined act on tour. He’s ridiculously talented, mentally unflappable in the water, rides perfect boards shaved to the millimetre, is perpetually well dressed and adorned to his sponsors requirements, handles media like a pro and possesses the rarest gift of all, a ferocious competitive fire that gives him the ability to win … continuously.