Switch Blade dominates Manly

With small Summer conditions at manly for the Australian Open, it was a great opportunity for the team to test drive their new Switch Blades. The Switch Blade is a smaller, wider board designed for performance surfing in the 1-5ft range. This year DH has added this model into his team’s quiver, as the go to performer when the waves are small or lacking power. The plan shape and foam distribution allows the team to ride short, fast and performance without losing paddle.

The feedback from the team was really positive. The single concaved vee generated plenty of speed form nothing and allowed for smooth rail to rail transitions. It was the perfect conditions to really put this model to the test and the Switch Blade ticked all the boxes. Will be interesting to see what the team chose to ride this year at Snapper if the conditions are small.

Jordy Smith was riding a 5’11 x 19 ¾ x 2 5/8 Switch Blade and Mitch was riding a 5’6 x 18 5/8 x 2 ¼. DH likes to ride the 6’0 stock size. Click here if you want to read more on this model and view the size range.