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Ability — Intermediate - Expert

Ideal Wave Size — 1-6ft


Glassing — Stock Lite (4 x 4 x 3/4) + Tiger claws, which improves strength and flex.

Rocker — Medium to Flat Rocker

Concave — Slight Single Concave

Rails — Medium to Low performance rail

Carbon — White Carbon Innegra Toe Patches

Tail — Squash

Fins — Thruster, 3 Fin in Futures or FCS II

To keep the boards performance DH has kept the rails low especially through the tail of the board. This along with a fairly straight rail outline give the board endless speed and drive.

A slightly lowered rocker gives this board plenty of up and go speed which has allowed DH to tone down it’s single concave which helps free the board up through turns, especially when the waves are a little softer.

The DX1 is a model that has evolved throughout the past 15 years and has become a go to shortboard for a number of the worlds best.

The original file began with Parko and was ridden in numerous contests and free surfing clips. Fast forward to 2015 and after a few adjustments to the file the DX1 was crowned #1 by Julian Wilson in the "Stab In the Dark" project.

After It’s success in "Stab In The Dark" the board soon became a team favourite, especially for Jack Freestone which after feedback and a few more alterations became the JF DX1.


Length Width Thickness Vol (lt)
5'0 17 3/4 2 1/16 19L
5'2 17 7/8 2 1/16 20L
5'4 18 2 1/8 21L
5'5 18 1/8 2 1/8 22L
5'6 18 1/8 2 3/16 23L

Tech Details


A slightly lowered rocker gives this board plenty of up and go speed.

Single Concave

Single concave is best described as a single curve from rail to rail. A single concave contains more water or energy which will create more lift. A single concave provides the board with a greater difference between the rail rocker and centre rocker. Longitudinally, the board is straighter through the centre than it is on the rails.

Medium to Low performance rail

A lower rail makes it easier to turn quickly and cuts the easier through the water.


Shortboard performance outline.

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