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  • Pocket Knife Surfboard
  • Joyride Surfboard
  • The TWin Surfboard
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  • We make boards of the highest quality and durability to ensure that you get a great product that lasts. #dhdsurfboards #surfingiseverything @louieehynd #surfing the #ducksnuts
Photo @swillpics 1019
  • Catch @mfanno in @reef_usa 's latest movie EXIT #reefexit #kegs 1746
  • The DX1 JF @jackfreestone now available in @F1rstsurfshop @nomadsurfshop @ripcurl_hb @ripcurl_sanclemente @ripcurl_newsmyrna @ripcurl_pacificbeach @ripcurl_santacruz @daytonaboardstore @pitsurfshop @parrotsurf #dx1jf #dhdteam Footage @conradpk 1691
  • Granger @grangerlarsen #surfing  the#dx1 #dhdusa Photo @dooma_photos 1633
  • Visit our website to get the full insight on the DHD DX1 JF from Darren Handley #video #surfboard #dx1jf @jackfreestone 1684
  • Sheldon @sheldonsimkus exploring the magic of indo #surfing the #ducksnuts
Photo @andrewshield 1855
  • @georgepittar George Pittar, frothing on being this years Under 14’s NSW State Champ @surfing_nsw 
Congrats to all the other winners and finalists #surfingrocks 1638
  • @kyussking with his fresh shred sticks at Huntington Beach California for the Pro Junior VANS US Open #vansusopen #groms #dhdteam #surfing the #project15 1727
  • #repost @jackfreestone #dhdteam #dx1

When I was a lil kid I used to steal @billabong stickers from @joelparko sticker collection when ever I went to his house and put them on my boards (sorry mate) and I always thought about how cool it would to be sponsored by billabong. I'm so happy to be apart of the family and extend our journey! @billabong_australia 1950
  • This is a versatile performance model that can be ridden by all surfers. The have the junior version as it is such a great board for groms who want to be able to surf all conditions and get some serious airtime. There is also the Pro version, which has a lighter glass job and is a little narrower and thinner. #project15 #nextgen #groms @kyussking 1707