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  • All the crew at DHD are pumped about being chosen as the best surfboard by @julian_wilson for the #stabinthedark project tonight in Venice beach.
The project mini-doco you'll be able to see it tomorrow live on Stab! @stab // @swelldotcom @jackfreestone @mfanno @stephaniegilmore @asher_pacey @mattwilko8 @lauraenever @glenhall81 @garrettparkes @kaladacaptain 1510
  • @stab best shortboard on the market @julian_wilson 60 19 2 3/8
Available soon through @surfstich and your local retailers 99 limited edition 1394
  • @stab congratulations DH best shortboard on the market. #bestboardintgeworld 1104
  • @stab awards about to kick off 1514
  • Something is Calling @somethingiscalling - A short film on Jack Freestone surfing in the Telo Islands. @jackfreestone - surfer @mallmic - filmer/editor #film #surfing #dhdteam 1107
  • FCS II DHD Signature Thruster & Tri-Quad Fin Set.
Versatile performance fin ideal fo controlled manoeuvres in critical sections.
@fcs_surf #finsout #surfing 1433
  • @lauraenever #surfing the DX1 #dhdteam #goldcoast #endlesssummer 📷 @conradpk 1650
  • If you haven’t yet heard we are apart of the #stabinthedark concept by @stab and @swelldotcom
Their mystery test pilot, @julian_wilson blindly judged 11 boards, no dimensions, no decals, nothing identifiable and only on their merit, not a preconceived idea of brand or model.
Stay tuned for what unfolds at the premiere on Tuesday in Los Angeles 1616
  • Ulualoha Napeahi @uluboi #ducksnuts #dhdteam #surfing #hawaii 📷 @zeemillz 2103
  • Something Is Calling @somethingiscalling - A short film featuring @jackfreestone by @mallmic #comingsoon #surfingfilm #s.i.c 1306