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  • Pocket Knife Surfboard
  • Joyride Surfboard
  • The TWin Surfboard
DHD Summer Series

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  • A solid day for the boys at #Shipsterns @ryanhipwood not holding back #ballsofsteel
Photo @onepalmmedia 1904
  • The Switch Blade is best for surfers looking for performance and speed with plenty of power on those smaller days. The flatter wider deck allows for an easy paddle with medium boxy rails adding float and bite in smaller conditions. The angled fin positioning offers loose release in all conditions whilst generating consistent speed through turns. #performance #surfboard #switchblade #fcsll @fcs_surf 1331
  • DH in the #shapingbay
Photo @conradpk 1800
  • Our Twinfin is charged with loads of colour and fun! #newblue #twinfin @asher_pacey #inspired 2266
  • In search of that next perfect wave @lauraenever #traveller #adventure #surf #ducksnuts 
Photo @swillpics 1685
  • @jackfreestone #winterwaves #dx1
Photo @andrewshield 1515
  • So much style from Ulu Napeahi @uluboi on the  DX1 #dhdteam #hawaii #dhdusa
Photo @instaclamfunk 1489
  • Surfing warm water in just board shorts with your friends, nothing better! @eli_olson surfing the #ducksnuts 
Photo @henriquepinguim
#dhdteam #hawaii #dhdusa 1854
  • Luke Gordon @lukes_gordons placed 3rd in the U/16's and won ‘Best Wave Award' at the Rip Curl Grom Search @ripcurl_usa event - JENNETTE'S PIER Nags Head, North Carolina.
A big shout out to the locals in North Carolina for making Tom from the DHD team so welcome! #stokedonsurfing #dhdteam 1736
  • The Skeleton Key is best surfed 1-2 inches shorter than your standard short-board, with a touch more width and thickness. The lower rocker and mid – full rail profile allows you to surf this model in small and gutless waves, yet the subtle flyer / hip rounded square allows you to launch into more solid waves and still have good hold and control of the tail. #performance #shortboard #skeletonkey 1370