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DHD Summer Series

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  • @uluboi recently in Fiji scoring some solid swell #surfing the #DX1 6 1609
  • @stephaniegilmore looking focused and having a lot of fun out in the lineup in France @wsl @roxy #roxyprofrance 
#surfing the DX1 Photo @conradpk 1752
  • When the waves are pumping it is important that you don't loose any speed, drive or having to nurse it through turns. The Ducks Nuts allows you to really push through turns and release all that power through smooth rail to rail transitions. #responsive #performance #shortboard #ducksnuts 1710
  • Stoked for @mfanno for the come-from-behind win in the final minute against @maximehuscenot! #round3 #hossegor #france @wsl #QuikPro 
Photo @conradpk 2187
  • @mattwilko8 was on fire today in round 2 #hossegor #france @wsl #surfing the Ducksnuts 6'2 x 19 1/4 x 2 7/16
Photo @conradpk 1573
  • @mfanno showed no signs of letting up in France, earning a near-perfect 9.73 for racing through a heavy overhead barrel in Round 1 of the Quik Pro #hossegor #france @wsl 
Photo @conradpk 1789
  • Kyuss King @kyussking is one of the Youngest competitors to make the Top 10 list and we are excited with the Round 2 win as this exercise identifies Kyuss's Global reach. Kyuss is the Round 2 peoples Vote winner! #kingofthegroms #quiksilver @quiksilver
Photos @chroniclesofchristie 1398
  • Can’t wait to see @stephaniegilmore ripping it up at the #RoxyPro in France @wsl Photo @swillpics 1492
  • @jackfreestone on the new DHD Switchblade #fun #performance #shortboard #droppingsoon Photo @conradpk 1789
  • The Quiksilver Pro in France is just around the corner @mfanno #QuikPro #RoxyPro #France @wsl Photo @conradpk 2003