DHD Board Story: Episode 3 - 2nd & 3rd World Titles

Darren and Mick look at the second and third world title boards. Mick remembers taking the fins off his first world title board and having them remade and put onto his new board which he would go one to win the second world title.


Mick remembers back when he and Parko were neck and neck in ‘09 - that season Joel had blown out his ankle and Mick started off the season aiming to take out guys for Joel.

Mick Fanning 2009 World Title

Then there was tension between the friends down at the end of the season, finally when Joel won in 2012 there was a full circle moment of celebration. Mick felt the same way for Joel’s win as his own.

Mick Fanning 2013 at Pipeline

Mick Fanning - 2nd & 3rd World Title Boards


Filmed by Fabric Films