Down The Line Surf (UK)

DHD has had a long and great relationship with the guys from Down The Line Surf since the 90's and found success over the years with many performance models like the Project 15.

It all began at DHD's first ever trade show in America, with 12 new models in hand plus a few token Koala and Kangaroo souvenirs to make it big. Everyone excepted the boards in America well but no-one wanted to commit to placing an order. Then came along an englishman 'Trev', from Down The Line saying "I have heard all about your boards and I wouldn't mind getting some". So he wrote up an order there and then and that was how our relationship started.

A fresh batch of boards have been delivered to Down The Line Surf Cornwall, England. Contact Trevor and his team to find the perfect board. Down The Line Surf are able to accept custom DHD board orders. All boards are made in Burleigh heads, Australia.

Down The Line are stocked and loaded with the MF DNA, WILKO F13, Sweet Spot 2.0 performance models for when the waves are pumping and they have you covered for those smaller days on the 3DX, 3DV, Twin Fins models plus the new Modom Deadly Mondo Soft-board.

Down The Line Surf (UK)
Market Square Arcade, Copperhouse Hayle, Cornwall
+44 (0) 1736 757025